An Optimistic Brand of Lingerie
Laamuse embraces colour because it has its own meaning and influences our moods to the extent that there is even a link between colours and emotions. For this reason, your colour choice is no accident. At Laamuse we are aware of the power of colours, and consider colour to be an intrinsic part of our DNA because, regardless of the fashion of the time, colours reinforce feelings of security, self-esteem and confidence. They can provide a dose of vitality, through comfortable garments in radiant tones, dressing women from within in a fresh, original and fun way. Laamuse is an injection of optimism, filling you with the desire to live through colour. Are you ready to colour your lingerie?

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Rita Red

Rita Red is pure sensuality. A feminine red with salmon tones that provides vitality, but also strength and character. A mesmerizing colour that contrasts with the skin and reinforces self-esteem and confidence. Unleash your most charming side with this exciting shade!

Astrid yellow

Astrid Yellow is just like you. Daring, dynamic, cheerful and somewhat contradictory. This mimosa yellow imparts freshness, cheerfulness and a sense of the carefree. An optimistic tone, with a sparkle that also encourages creativity. What’s more, it is ideal for darker skin tones, because it highlights your tan. Get up and go with Generation Z yellow!

Florence Green

Florence Green is an intense green that connects with the earth and summons nature. This spring tone gives you freshness, vitality and naturalness. An ideal colour for starting the day in harmony to make all those plans you hope will bear fruit. Hope is never lost with this colour!

Brenda Blue

Brenda Blue is not your typical serene and calm blue, although it does also share these qualities. This cobalt tone is distinctively daring making it a friendly colour that encourages harmony and communication between people. Don’t hold back and express how you feel!

Nina Black

Nina Black appeals to traditionalists, and to that comfort zone that we all carry inside. An eternal timelessness that unifies and is synonymous with unpretentious elegance. Nina Black has the power of enduring beauty for a confident woman who loves discretion.