An Optimistic Brand of Lingerie

Colour your lingerie.

The fun starts from the inside out, in vibrantly coloured cotton underwear. Optimism, vitality and diversity in the most comfortable lingerie so you can move with total freedom throughout your day.

Laamuse was created to be more than just a brand of coloured cotton underwear: it’s a movement that seeks to embrace beauty, aesthetics and femininity.


When softness and comfort come together to create the perfect feminine garment.

Women inspired by women.

A touch of delicacy.
A touch of fun.
A touch of femininity.
A touch of optimism.

Discover our TOP COLLECTION. The bra is transformed into a second skin.

Vital attitude:
Don't forget to feel
the power of colours.

Discover our BODIES COLLECTION. These pieces are designed to be versatile and timeless.

Use colours as a means to define "who I am" and to feel better facing a new day.